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African Princess - African Online Dating

African Princess is an online dating site aimed at the African dating market. Increased internet connectivity in Africa means there are now increasing numbers of African men and women who are choosing to find a partner online. As well as Africans seeking other Africans, the African dating scene is also increasingly popular with American and European men seeking exotic mail order brides. Russia is just one option for finding a mail order bride - now the internet is making it easier than ever before to find a bride from Africa or another continent.

African Princess is a part of the Heart of Asia network of online dating sites. The site styles itself on African and Ethiopian dating, as well as being of interest to men and women interested in interracial dating. Heart of Asia is a USA based company. The company owner himself has a Chinese wife, so he is well placed to know the ins and outs of international and interracial dating.

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African Princess and the Heart of Asia network have a large number of successful marriages after couples met through the sites. There are plenty of success stories of American and European men meeting Ethopian women through African Princess. Many of the success stories are interracial couples where a white man marries an African lady. African dating sites like African Princess are also popular with African American men seeking a black wife but one who is less Westernised than the women in North America.

As to the African Princess site, it has a fairly basic web design and it's not really up to the levels of sophistication shown by the Cupid Media sites like AfroIntroductions or Russian Euro. There is a basic and advanced search engine, but both are fairly simple.

There aren't as many women on the African Princess as there are on African dating sites. This is often a good sign because it means that the site is taking care to weed out undesirable profiles. Less is often more when it comes to online dating.

The overwhelming majority of African women on the site are from Ethiopia. There are also a few women from the North African countries bordering the Mediterranean (such as Morocco). The majority of the ladies are in the 20 - 30 age range, with ladies in the 21 - 25 age range being particularly numerous. So if you're looking for a younger mail order bride then this could be a site worth considering.

The African princesses on the site tend to be single professional ladies with reasonable jobs and a good education. Most of them speak English and many of them speak other languages as well as their native Amharic. The majority of the ladies are also Christians, which may interest American men seeking exotic foreign brides who share their religion.

African Princess Scams

A search of the internet doesn't seem to reveal many red flags about either African Princess or its parent site Heart of Asia. This could be due to the fact that the site does a better than average job of keeping scammers off the site, or it could mean that the site is too small to attract bad publicity.

Either way it's worth being very cautious with African dating. Personally I know of plenty of men and women on dating sites who have encountered African and Middle Eastern based dating scammers. So if you're interested in actually dating an African person then it's a bit like sticking your head in the fire. Be rest assured that there are plenty of decent African men and women looking for love on the internet. But scamming people via the internet is also a major business activity in Africa.

When talking to African people on dating sites like African Princess, be sure to never send anyone money, be it via PayPal or especially via Western Union. Western Union was designed as a system of sending money to people who you trust. So if that person turns out to be a scammer then you have next to no chance of seeing your money refunded.

Personally I like the idea some men have of never sending gifts to ladies they're dating. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen is the saying. Of course while there's nothing wrong with sending modest gifts, the probablility is that as you get to like the person more and more you'll find it much easier to send increasingly more extravagant gifts to them.

As far as spotting scammers go, often they will invent a sad story in order to provoke you into sending them cash. Often they will get children involved, or tell you they are aid workers. If you encounter an aid worker on a dating site, the chances are that they are a scammer.

So if you're interested in finding a partner from Africa then give African Princess a go. Alternatives include AfroIntroductions and South African Cupid.


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