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All You Need to Know About Finding Brazilian Women for Marriage

Worried about Russian dating site scam ladies? Think Eastern Europe or Asia are too far to find a foreign bride? How about finding a Brazilian woman for marriage?

Latin dating is increasingly popular, especially with American and Canadian men. It's usually less far to travel, and there's less problem with jet lag. On top of that Brazilian women are much more familiar with American and Canadian culture. If you want to find a mail order bride who will live in your country after marriage then Brazilian women will often have much less problems with adjusting to the culture of North America than will a Russian or especially an Asian bride.

Hot Brazilian Ladies

There are plenty of hot Brazilian ladies on dating sites. But which ladies make the best wives?

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Some of the photos on Brazilian personals sites can be quite racy. A lot of this is tied up with Brazilian beach culture, so seeing ladies in thongs and skimpy swimwear isn't unusual. Obviously you have to be a little wary of ladies posing provocatively - they might be exhibitionists or have narcissistic tendencies. But don't overlook them either. Ladies who wear less clothes on dating sites can also be more marriage minded and more proactive in seeking a partner - at the end of the day they know that sex sells.

Most men who get into trouble with their mail order brides are those who have gone for ladies much younger than themselves. After speaking to plenty of Chinese ladies I am much more convinced that 20 something year old girls marrying much older Western men are just in it for the money. If you want to check that the age difference between you and a prospective foreign lady is reasonable then use this age difference suitability calculator. But if you have money and you can't resist that young Brazilian bikini babe then take comfort from the fact that marriages with a large age difference do sometimes work out very well.

Brazil's economy is booming and there are increasing numbers of middle class ladies. These ladies can make great foreign wives. If you want to look for them they tend to be living in the major cities - think Rio, Sao Paulo, Salvador and Brasilia. They will have office lady type professional jobs and will often have a University education. They often work in tourism or for a foreign multinational company. Usually they will speak English as well, so you'll have less problems with the Portuguese/English language barrier. These ladies are a long way from what people consider to be the typical mail order bride. They won't be as hard to attract, but you can be much more certain that they are marrying for the right reasons. Remember that with online dating, getting rejected is a good sign. It means that the lady is genuinely considering whether you are a suitable partner, and she isn't just looking for the first man to come along.

Ways of Finding Brazilian Brides

Finding a foreign bride is harder and more expensive than you might think, but here are three ways to get started.

Brazilian Dating Sites

Brazil's economy is booming, so there's a lot of interest in online dating in Brazil. There are also a few mail order bride orientated websites that focus on matchmaking single Brazilian women with foreign men.

If you're not entirely sure that you want a Latin bride specifically from Brazil, then try a site such as Latin American Cupid. This site features a gallery of tens of thousands of ladies from Central and Latin America as well as the Caribbean. You'll be truly spoilt for choice on this site, especially if you're an American or Canadian guy.

Latin American Cupid is run by Cupid Media, who are a major player in the international dating scene. They also run a network of country specific dating sites. Head for Brazil Cupid if you definitely want to confine your search for a Latin bride to Brazil. One downside of Cupid Media is that you have to pay for a subscription to each site separately, so in my case I had to pay separately for both Chinese Cupid and Japan Cupid. It's far more cost effective if you know for sure which country contains your future beautiful foreign bride!

Romance Tours

Latin America isn't always the safest place to visit, especially if you're a lone traveler. An alternative is to take part in a romance tour. On the organized trip you'll typically attend two social events where you'll get to meet dozens of beautiful Latin women seeking marriage to Western men. Another advantage of the romance tour is that you'll get to see and chat to ladies in person, so you don't have to deal with the scammers and fake profiles common on online dating sites.

A few companies appear to be offering romance tours of Brazil. The major player in the romance tour market is the American company A Foreign Affair. At the time of writing their romance tours of South America seemed to be mainly confined to Colombia and Peru.

Matchmaking Agencies

Introduction agencies are another way of meeting foreign ladies. If using a matchmaker in a foreign country, it's often best to find one run by American or Canadian expats. Be sure to find out their costs as most matchmaking agencies charge an up front fee. The good news is that matchmakers usually background check their ladies, and while they often have a smaller selection of ladies than the other dating services, the ladies are generally of higher quality.

So if you like the idea of finding Brazilian women for marriage, then sign up to an online dating site. They usually offer free trial membership plans and you only need to pay if you want to contact the ladies. Or book some vacation time and look for a romance tour or matchmaking agency you can visit in Brazil.


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