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How to Search for Russian Brides

If you're looking for a Russian bride then how do you get started? What's the best way of finding a Russian bride and finding out if a Russian bride is for you? This article will give you enough tips to get you started on your Russian bride search...

Dating Site, Introduction Agency or Romance Tour?

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The first thing to consider when looking for a Russian mail order bride is how to find her.

There are plenty of matchmaking sites where you can find Russian women looking for foreign husbands. When choosing a dating site don't pay too much attention to sexy ladies on the home page, or glowing testimonials. Most sites have similar selections of ladies. It's far more important to choose a site that has a reasonable membership fee as well as a good catalog of ladies available. Beware of sites that advertise themselves as having thousands or tens of thousands of ladies - less is generally more when it comes to online dating (think quality not quantity). Stay away of sites that charge you to contact each lady, especially those that charge you for sending emails to the ladies, or for chatting on webcam.

There are also a few free Russian dating sites, but free dating sites generally attract people looking for short term relationships, as well as plenty of scammers. Finding sincere, marriage minded singles on a free dating site is a lot of effort.

Introduction agencies can be worth a look. There are a number of marriage agencies with offices in the Ukraine and Russia. Generally you can visit them and be introduced to ladies in person. Ladies like introduction agencies as they provide a safe way of meeting a foreign man in their own country. Agencies also tend to be more selective of the ladies they allow to register with the agency. If you're interested in Russian marriage agencies then be sure to find out their costs in advance.

Online dating can be a big waste of time, whatever country you want to find love in. So why not apply for a Russian visa then visit ladies in person? A few companies arrange regular romance tours to Russia, the Ukraine and other Eastern European counties. On a trip you'll visit a city such as Moscow, Odessa or Kiev and attend two or more social evenings where you'll meet dozens of marriage minded single Russian women. These trips avoid the usual online dating scams, although there's no guarantee you'll start a relationship with any of the ladies you meet on the tour.

Dating Site Searches

So how do you find your dream beautiful Russian wife online?

The important thing to do is to draw up a list of qualities you want your Russian bride to have. Considerations include:

  • Age and of course, looks. If you're seeking true love it's better to find a lady closer to your own age (less than 10 years age difference, more if she's over 35). The less beautiful ladies can be overlooked on a dating site - these ladies can make devoted wives for the wise men who choose them.
  • Does it matter if her spoken English is bad?
  • Do you want a housewife or a career minded lady? There are plenty of single professional ladies on sites like Russian Euro and Ukraine Date. These ladies can make great wives as they're far less likely to be marrying for financial reasons.
  • Do you specifically want a Russian bride? There are of course plenty of Russian ladies on Russian dating sites. But there are also large numbers from Eastern European and former Soviet countries. Most numerous are the Ukrainian ladies, but there are also ladies from countries such as Belarus and Turkmenistan.
  • Are you prepared to compromise on "baggage"? Does it matter if she was previously married, or she has children from a previous relationship?

So if you're interested in searching for a Russian bride then sign up to some Russian dating sites. Check out the profiles and see if you like the idea of finding a Russian bride. Russian ladies are very friendly, so if you chat to some online then you'll soon get an idea of whether a Russian bride is for you.


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