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How to Have a Successful Ukraine Online Dating Experience

Here's a brief guide to Ukraine online dating. Many Western men like the idea of finding a Russian mail order bride. In actual fact, it's often easier to find Ukrainian girls on dating sites - they can be more numerous than Russian girls. So before you start getting seduced by the bikini babes on Ukrainian dating sites, here's some points worth bearing in mind.

Online Dating Websites

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There are plenty of Ukrainian dating website with thousands of profiles of beautiful Ukrainian women on them. Some of the better sites to use are Elena's Models, Russian Euro and Ukraine Date. Many of the Russian dating sites actually have more Ukrainian ladies on them than Russian girls.

Now a lot of men complain that these sites are infested with scammers. After 2-3 months of using these sites you'll soon learn to recognize the scammers. And never send money to any Ukrainian girl you've met on a dating site. You know the best advice I've read recently was a guy who told me that he never buys women gifts - unless he marries them! Take it from me, if you send money to a lady you've met online, you will regret it later.

Most scammers are after money, so keep your wallet closed and stay well away from branches of Western Union!

If you have suspicions about a particular lady, then try Romance Scams or other websites as they often publish scam lists of known scammers.

Fortunately most scammers aren't terribly imaginative, so after a while you'll learn most of their stories and be able to recognize them instantly.

It's my personal experience that time wasters and deceptive ladies can be just as problematic as scammers. Some Ukrainian online dating sites use heavily airbrushed and professional studio shots. These can be deceptive, so always insist on seeing natural photos. And needless to say, always try to get proof of a lady's age. I've also met nearly a dozen ladies in real life after reading their dating service profiles. I have to tell you that several of them were really taking liberties with their height and weight measurements!

My Online Dating Experiences

I've been looking for a foreign wife for a couple of years now. The best advice I have is to not rush into marriage - you might come to regret it.

When I first started looking for a hot foreign bride I started using the pay per contact letter writing sites. There are plenty of these in the Ukraine online dating scene. While they make it easy for you to chat to Ukrainian women who don't speak much English, I'm not convinced these sites are the best way forward. Personally I think it's better to hire your own translator for important emails. Failing that just stick to ladies that can speak and write reasonable English. These ladies can make great wives. However, be wary of any Ukrainian ladies who speak English and who also have a lot of Western male friends.

Long distance relationships are also very difficult. Take it from me that if you're serious about finding a Ukrainian wife then the best way to find her is to spend time in the Ukraine. Take 3 months off from your work, book a flight to the Ukraine and find a rental apartment. In 3 months you'll be able to get a good understanding of Ukrainian women and culture, and have your pick of the available women on a site like Ukraine Date. Speaking from personal experience it's really easy to make friends in a foreign country if you're a Western man. When I went on a trip to meet women I'd talked to online, every lady I met knew at least one other lady who was looking for a foreign husband. So work those contacts and you should find no shortage of women to visit.

If you're uncomfortable with the thought of living in a strange country for a while then why not consider a Ukrainian romance tour first? These trips allow you to meet dozens of beautiful Ukrainian ladies in person. At least you'll avoid dating site scammers, and by meeting so many ladies you'll give yourself a much better idea of what you want to look for in your perfect Ukrainian bride. AFA (Love Me) and Anastasia Web both run regular romance tours to Eastern European destinations such as Kiev and Odessa. The tours are expensive, and there's no guarantee you'll find love on your first tour, but most men are very pleased with their experiences of the trip.

Despite talk of scams and scammers, I'm happy to report that there are plenty of honest and decent foreign ladies on international dating sites. So sign up to a Ukraine online dating service and start chatting to ladies. Take your time and don't rush off to meet the first girl you chat to!


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